Nikkie Tutorials – the #PowerOfMakeup

Evening beauty bloggers and readers!

I’m sure you’ve already watched the incredible Nikkie Tutorials’ YouTube campaign titled the ’Power of Makeup’, launched last May. If not, it’s definitely worth a watch.

Nikkie has since built a legacy around helping beautiful makeup enthusiasts to reveal their face in both it’s natural and enhanced state, particularly by applying makeup to half of their face.

So I braved the camera and bore half of my natural face to the world, applying makeup to the other half…

The Instagram image has received a heart-warming 215 likes in the past two days alone.

An unexpected response to a photo featuring half of my ‘imperfect’ (as considered by society) face.

Spots and all.

Anyway, I’m hoping the awareness around my ‘two faced’ submission will increase and would love to hear what you guys think…

I was slightly worse for wear after a night out when capturing this photo – so please be nice!

Check out the photo on Instagram.

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