3 Reasons to Refresh your Hairdo this Summer

Blunt. Bright. Bold.

Evening all!

Thank for helping me to hit my 700 follower target, on to the next goal – 800.Blunt ginger bob

This post is dedicated to a very recent hair change.

On Saturday, alongside my vibrant orange hair dye – I decided to make a bold move… asking my lovely hairdresser to take it shorter, make it blunter and give me the sharpest fringe… hooray for Pulp Fiction/Willy Wonka revival!

I’m absolutely in love with my new hair. I know it’s not to everyone’s taste but Instagram users have been extremely complimentary!

If you fancy taking a look through some hairstyles I have had throughout the last 4-5 years, click here. And why not follow me while you’re there…

So without further ado, here are just 6 reasons to get a new haircut in time for the summer.

1. It’s time for change.

You’ve had the same haircut and colour since you decided to use a home ombre kit in 2015. It’s about time you visited a trained professional and stripped back a years worth of bad home bleach.

2. Your boss is feeling a little more lenient.

The weather is sunny and your boss is in a good mood, so why not try out that daring colour you’ve been pinning to your ‘Hairspo’ board on Pinterest!

3. Nothing says ‘new you’ like new hair.

New hair memePerhaps you’ve gone through a break-up recently?

Maybe you’re just looking for a new look, that will also ‘wow’ your partner? There’s never been a better time to make a change than now…