Swatched: 8 Must-Have Lipsticks for Fair Skin

Gerard Cosmetics, Revlon, KIKO, Rimmel, Clinique Lipsticks

Gerard Cosmetics, Rimmel, Revlon, KIKO Cosmetics and Clinique. all brands which have made their way into my ultimate 8 lipsticks list.

Of the 40+ that I own (guilty), choosing 8 proved to be easier than I thought… I certainly have ‘go-to’ shades, with the texture and application of some lipsticks appealing to me more than others.

Lipstick SwatchesYou’ll see a selection of swatches in this image.  I’ve never ‘swatched’ before – so I obviously ignored the beginners technique of using sellotape as a guideline…

Please ignore my amateur attempt at colour blocking!

From top to bottom I used: KIKO Cosmetics ‘308 Papaya Velvet Passion’, Gerard Cosmetics ‘Cher’, Rimmel Apocalips ‘303 Apocaliptic’, KIKO Cosmetics ‘314 Velvet Passion’, Rimmel Apocalips ‘601 Light Year’, Gerard Cosmetics ‘Invasion’, the Revlon Ultra HD Matte ‘Love’ Lip Colour and finally, my Clinique ‘Runway Coral’ lippie.

You’ll notice a lot of cross-overs above, in terms of repetition where Rimmel, KIKO and Gerard Cosmetics are concerned. That’s because I love each brand and the consistency of the products equally, but for different reasons.

Take, for example, the KIKO Cosmetics lipsticks.

Not liquid lipsticks (like most of the other products featured), both of these products provide a nice matte finish, without drying the lips out.

In comparison…

The Gerard Cosmetics products (the holy grail of affordable, long-lasting matte lipsticks), provide great colouration and the proof really was in the pudding, when it came to removing the products from my arm. The Gerard Cosmetics lipsticks would not shift.

Love at first sight.

The Rimmel Apocalips shades were products I initially fell in love with, at the very beginning of my quest to find the perfect lipstick. There are definitely better products… however, I do love the colouration of these two examples.

So, why did I choose this Revlon matte lipstick?

Because it’s incredible. I love how it makes my lips feel, it lasts a reasonable amount of time, with a vibrant finish. Above all, and probably least importantly – it smells and tastes (don’t try this at home) incredible!

What’s left?

The Clinique Runway Coral shade. Extra nourishing, with a popping colour to suit – this particular product maintains permanent residence in my handbag. Warning: it does shift quite quickly, in comparison to some of the other lipsticks swatched today.

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