The difference between Instagram and Snapchat stories

Snapchat v Instagram Stories

Everything is changing in the ‘land of Instagram‘ – with recent algorithm ‘popularity’ updates, Kylie Jenner disabling her comment feature, and now, the inclusion of in-app stories.

This new feature enables users to share an on-going story with their followers, in a VERY similar format to Snapchat – I hope you have registered copyright, Evan Spiegel.

Most recent follower stories now appear at the top of the Instagram news feed, with a live stream of the individual’s stories attached to their Instagram profile photo (you’ll notice a coloured circle rotating around said profile picture, if users have uploaded a story).

So, are there any differences between Instagram and Snapchat stories?

And most importantly, are they noticeable to the user?

Well, both feature the same name and involve the same functionality, but there is one big difference. Snapchat stories enable funny filters – transforming us into a bee, giving us a downward grimace and even enabling a face swap with our friend.

Instagram stories DO NOT involve filters.

Nonetheless, new Instagram stories DO enable you to overlay text over your story, adapting the size of this. Having said that, you can’t change the colour of the text from the standard ‘white’ default – meaning that it best performs on dark backgrounds.

What else? Working in Instagram’s favour, is the fact that you can rewind and pause stories – unlike ‘one-play’ Snapchat footage, which can get lost in an instant.

So, with all of the above considered – will Snapchat adapt the app to include some features that Instagram have included? I think so… but watch this space.

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6 thoughts on “The difference between Instagram and Snapchat stories

    1. Thank you! Glad you found it useful 🙂 I personally go through phases of liking snapchat but have always loved Instagram! Will be interesting to watch how things develop xx

    1. Oh you’ll see it soon enough! Definitely worth seeing how you like the two though, people seem to be increasingly liking the feature! To me, it’s all a little odd! X

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