Mac Red Brick Matte Eyeshadow Review

I realise I ask you guys to ‘take a moment’ far too frequently on my blog, usually when I’m in love with a new eyeshadow… but can we just TAKE A MOMENT to appreciate this gorgeously, intense Mac eyeshadow.

Mac Red Brick Matte EyeshadowAlthough matte in texture, there is nothing ordinary about the Mac Red Brick Matte eyeshadow.

Boasting a highly vibrant colour, this eyeshadow provides excellent pigmentation – as you’d expect with any Mac eyeshadow purchase.

To create a slightly gentler blend, I added a bronze shade from my Makeup Revolution Flawless palette along the crease – all teamed with my go-to Rimmel Exaggerate heavy flicks and a fair application of my favourite mascara.

For once, I went with a really gentle/almost natural lip. I thought that lipstick and this shadow would be too intense for a day in work but decided to apply the brows a little heavier than usual (I’m still undecided whether I prefer a gentler finish).

What highlight did I use? A shade of eyeshadow, actually. ‘Highlite’ from my Urban Decay Smokey palette.

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