Redken ‘Pillow Proof’ Primer Review

Want to discover the secret to my extremely fluffy, bouncy hair?

Part of the secret is the selection of Redken products I use, include the Pillow Proof Express Treatment Primer (pictured above).

Redken Pillow ProofYou’re already probably aware that Redken won the Beauty Blogger product range of the year, for a number of reasons.

Designed to provide ‘extra care and manageability’, the Pillow Proof primer offers heat protection, saves time throughout the blow-dry process and prepares the hair against the high-intensity heat of the dryer.

As you can tell, when I blow-dry and straighten my hair properly (pictured above), the product works wonders on boosting the fluffy volume of my ginger bob.

Hold time to find out which Redken product I use in the next step of my post dry and straightening process!

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