Pale Skin ‘Baking’ with KIKO Cosmetics

I’m constantly watching tanned girls creating that signature Kim Kardashian look by teaming their contour with a dose of ‘baking’.

For those who aren’t aware, baking entails setting invisible powder on the face, beneath the eyes and cheeks, and then dusting the loose powder to create a popping pale/dark skin contrast.

KIKO Invisible PowderSo what are the effects of baking when you have pale skin? Minimal, to be honest.

Although the KIKO Cosmetics Invisible powder helps to further conceal the purple in my under-eyes and emphasise the contour on my cheeks, I don’t think people could visibly notice that I have ‘baked’.

Perhaps this is a good thing, when creating a subtle look but sometimes, you just want to create a bold, statement look.

Anyway, take a look at the results above, very subtle but nonetheless, helpful in concealing my dark patches.

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