3 Simple Steps to a Clean Beauty Blender

Beauty Blender

Struggling to find the perfect solution for beauty blender cleaning? Does the thought of scrubbing your sponge for 15 minutes bore the hell out of you? Fear not, I’ve found the answer.

I recently read a blog post about a simple cleaning technique and didn’t expect much success (I’ve previously tried a number of cleaning techniques)… but the results were impressive.

Step 1 – Prepare everything needed.

Fill a large bowl with water.

Step 2 – So…  what will you need?

Squeeze a small amount of baby oil into said bowl (there is no exact amount, but try not to pour too much or too little). Then mix with washing up liquid, I used Fairy Original.

Step 3 – And what should you do?

Last but not least, squeeze the sponge within this mixed solution. You’ll see that after a few rubs, the sponge instantly looks cleaner. Keep going until absolutely clean, but be warned, the pink sponge shown above will become slightly discoloured, as some of the pink colouring will enter the water.

It’s as simple as that.

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13 thoughts on “3 Simple Steps to a Clean Beauty Blender

  1. Hi Kim, I don’t suppose you have a blog post on cleaning make up brushes do you? I’ve tried to look through your posts but I haven’t been able to find one. Mine are beginning to get really unclean and full of makeup and I desperately need to find something to help me clean them. Thank you. Emily xo

    P.S. Please check out my blog – http://www.emthefangirl.wordpress.com

    1. Hi lovely, if you scroll through you should find a post about Superdrug’s B. Brush cleaning spray. It didn’t work too well for me at the time but now I swear by it and use it all the time! Hope this helps x

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