Scent of the Summer – Valentina Eau De Parfum

Valentino Valentina Eau De Parfum

A while ago, I mentioned that I’d taken a little 4-day break to Rome – which of course resulted in a little spending spree in duty free on the way home.

I was a little scared to veer away from my usual go-to scents (Versace applied during the daytime and Jean Paul Gautier for evening occasions) but this sweet scent has, by far, excelled any expectations and quickly become my favourite perfume.

A strong fusion of sharp fruit and blossom, this distinctive but feminine scent has been accredited for ‘captivating the sensuality of amber’ by the Perfume Shop.

I’m used to Eau De Toilettes, so suddenly owning an Eau De Parfum has made a huge difference where application is concerned.

I’d spritz multiple times throughout the day with my old perfumes and would still feel a little underwhelmed by the lasting impression they would make upon the skin.

Now, I only have to spray the Valentina scent once or twice a day, and can even smell myself (in a good way). This does seem like a bit of a miracle after years of hunting for my ‘signature’ scent… besides the smell of washing powder.

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