KIKO Colour Kajal 101 White Waterline Eyeliner

It’s about time for another KIKO product review after my recent haul, and this time I’ll be reviewing the Colour Kajal 101 White Waterliner Eyeliner.

Wow, what can I say. I don’t think I’ve ever trialled an eyeliner that actually stayed along my waterline… until now.

You see, I have extremely watery eyes (not hay-fever related) and this liner still manages to ‘pack a punch’ from the instant that the application takes place.

thumbnail_image1 (3)Better still, the colour really stands the test of time and although I’m not really a fan of wearing eyeliner along the waterline (both visually and because I normally end up poking myself in the eye), I had been searching for a white kajal like this for a VERY long time.

I wouldn’t personally choose to wear any of the more vibrant shades – the range varies from popping purple to apple green, BUT if you are looking to experiment with really daring eye make-up, I’d strongly suggest this product.

It’s extremely affordable at just over £4 too… which is a huge bonus.

The liner has fast become a part of my daily make-up routine, helping to widen and emphasise my rather small eyes and dramatise the strong black flicks that I choose to apply on an almost daily basis.

When paired with black flicks, gentle brown smokey eyes and nude lips (as I have done above), this eyeliner really creates the best, most impactful results.

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