First Impressions – KIKO Endless Love Lip Pencil

As part of a recent haul, I purchased this KIKO Endless Love red lip pencil.

At first, I was really impressed with the results. When applied over the entire surface of the lips, beneath my go-to Revlon matte lipstick, this pencil created a really intense and vibrant shade and the lips were nicely shaped.

KIKO Red Lip PencilThe application was simple, the liner nourishing as opposed to drying and best of all? The half-price discount sold me from the moment I discovered this pencil on the KIKO shelf.

Now for the downside of supposed ‘Endless Love’… it bled.

The one thing that a lip pencil shouldn’t do, it did… a big disappointment as I own numerous KIKO lip liners and am usually extremely impressed with the long-lasting results.

I suppose I should have expected as much from such a heavily discounted product!

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