KIKO Milano 308 Papaya Velvet Passion Lipstick

A little while ago I purchased a KIKO velvet passion matte lipstick in a purple shade and instantly fell in love.

It was about time I purchased another colour, which is why I visited my nearest KIKO Milano store last Friday and purchased this 308 Papaya velvet passion lip colour.

KIKO Milano 308 Papaya Velvet PassionThe only down side with this particular lipstick is that the colour pops so much that upon application, you need to have exfoliated and moisturised the lips. This provides a smoother application without the slight flakiness that I experienced.

Besides this, I love the colour (even if it does clash with my hair) and think that the long-lasting texture is gorgeous – a deep and intense coral/orange-red shade.

I purchased multiple products from the store, so hold tight for more product reviews!

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