Morphe E30 and MB14 Eye-shadow Brushes

I’d heard a lot of positive feedback about Morphe brushes, in addition to the eye-shadow palettes, so was eager to put them to the test.

I ended up ordering two eye-shadow brushes for blending and to create smoother eye makeup looks.

Here are the results…

The Morphe E30 is an extremely soft, feathered eye-shadow brush. Quite splayed to the touch and not ‘firm’, this brush is ideal for the final step of blending and particularly effective along the brow line.

As a stark contrast, the Morphe MB14 eye-shadow brush is extremely firm (but soft) and flawlessly smoothes a number of colours and eye-shadow consistencies together. This brush, in particular, has gained my 100% seal of approval.

Take a look at the look i created the other morning using both brushes…

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