KIKO Green Natural Concealer

I purchased this green liquid KIKO natural concealer a little while back, so have have had plenty of time to test and review the product fairly.

Pro: The green pigment is great at hiding red pigment. Use the green concealer beneath normal concealer to reduce and minimise any unwanted redness.

Con: I find that I have to coat this with a layer of my thick, foundation-powder compact to fully cover very red pigmented areas.

Pro: The liquid doesn’t cake and is easy to “build up”.

Con: Even with a few layers of foundation and concealer, sometimes a green tinge is still visible in areas.

Pro: Reasonably priced. As with the majority of the KIKO product range, this particular concealer only costs £5.50 and is absolutely worth it.

Con: Truth be told, there is no con to purchasing this green concealer, with the ridiculously reasonable price tag considered.

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