Hunting for the perfect eye-shadow blending brush


I’m looking for the perfect fluffy but thick eye-shadow brush to blend with.

I’ve seen and heard about a number of great brushes, from Real Techniques to Morphe, but I wanted to get your opinions on which eye-shadow blenders are the best (in the UK).

I’m looking to spend up to £15, maybe a little more for a quality brush.

Ideally, it will be cruelty free and most importantly, will be thick enough to blend without removing any of the pigment. I’ve trialed a number of brushes which either dramatically remove the shadow or don’t blend at all, so I’d love to create a really smooth shadow look for once… and then share it with all of you!

Please leave your comments and feedback in the space below.


6 Replies to “Hunting for the perfect eye-shadow blending brush”

  1. It’s a little over budget (£20) but Mac’s 217SH is by far my favourite, the shape is ideal and it’s lasted me ages! 🙂

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