Makeup Revolution Flawless ‘Barely Pink’ + ‘Red Night’

Makeup Revolution FlawlessSo this was a bit of unusual one for me, as most of my eye makeup looks are focused around smokey and neutral colours – definitely not pink tones.

Blending the ‘Barely Pink’ shade from my Makeup Revolution Flawless palette along the lid, I then completed the look by creating a gentle cut crease with ‘Red Night’.

Although the name suggest that this will be a red tone, it is in fact a deep purple/pink shade – extra shimmery and will undoubtedly look great when completely covering the lid.

I created a slightly different eyeliner flick for this look, rather than my usual solid flick from the inner corner to the outer lid.

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5 thoughts on “Makeup Revolution Flawless ‘Barely Pink’ + ‘Red Night’

  1. You look so glowy and beautiful 🔥 I love make up revolution so much honestly they do not get enough credit xx

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