Kiko 218 Grapefruit Pink Water Eyeshadow

Here it is… a very overdue review of the beautiful KIKO 218 Grapefruit Pink water eyeshadow.

Even more beautiful when applied, than it looks in the compact – this has fast become my favourite eye-shadow.

KIKO Grapefruit Pink Water EyeshadowThe perfect blend of orange and pink tones, with a gleaming golden hint – this KIKO shadow is ideal to create a standout look, with gentle lipstick and strong highlight to match.

Large flicks and bold brows were, of course, a necessity to complete the look.

A strong pigment which instantly takes to the lids, this shadow was easily applied, especially in comparison to some similar high-street products that I have trialed.

Take my Makeup Revolution palette, for example; a great selection of colours, undoubtedly, but nowhere near the intensity and pigmentation of this shadow. I strongly suggest trying the range and will 100% be purchasing another of the water eyeshadows, so stay tuned.

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10 thoughts on “Kiko 218 Grapefruit Pink Water Eyeshadow

  1. This looks gorgeous! I have never not liked a Kiko product so will have to have a look around for this! x

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