Clinique ‘Runway Coral’ Long Last Lipstick Review 

Clinique long last lipstick

This lipstick is so incredibly creamy and nourishing, providing an intense pop of colour and leaving the lips soft, soft, soft.

Clinique lipstickQuite literally a vibrant shade of coral, as the name suggests.

The Clinique ‘Runway Coral’ Long Last Lipstick endures whatever challenges you may throw in its direction, simply fading into the lips eventually, rather than going patchy.

Unlike the fact that I have simply used the lipstick to create this look, I would advise that you line the lips, simply because the product has a tendency of bleeding around the edges of the lips, if not!

As you can tell, I was limited for time this morning (excuse the photo I took of this lipstick on the train) and haven’t yet found a vibrant enough coral lip liner to match.

I’d love to hear if you have any suggestions!

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