Kiko 413 Lip Liner + 314 Velvet Passion Matte Lipstick

Kiko Lipstick Look

I promised I’d start reviewing my individual Kiko purchases, so here goes nothing!

I decided to team this lipstick with a simple eyeliner flick, subtle contouring and shimmering highlight.

Surrounding the outside of my natural lip-line with the Kiko 413 lip liner, I then filled the inner lips and blended with the Kiko Velvet Passion 314 matte lipstick.

The lipstick, although matte in consistency , provides a smooth application and nourishes the lips. Unlike other matte alternatives, it has a creamy texture which won’t crack the lips, but lasts through drinks and food.

The liner is equally as smooth and enriching, protecting the lips from ‘bleeding’ outside of the line.

Kiko Lipstick

I would 100% suggest these products and will be investing in other colours to write future blog posts!

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10 thoughts on “Kiko 413 Lip Liner + 314 Velvet Passion Matte Lipstick

  1. This colour looks gorgeous on you! Also, is this lipstick one of those where you push the button and then it pops out haha? I have one of those too and I LOVE IT hahaha. xx

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