Kiko Haul. Lips, Eyes and Spot Coverage.

4 new Kiko products and 4 new reviews on the way.

Stay tuned!

A trip to Bristol and £100 later, with multiple shopping bags in hand – I think it’s safe to say that today’s shopping spree was a huge success!

From Lush to Topshop, Kiko and Makeup Revlolution – I have so many new goodies to share with all of you…

I’m extremely excited to try these Kiko products (pictured above) and will be sure to write an individual review for each product.

One for my new lipstick and liner, another for the green concealer and one for this INCREDIBLE eyeshadow (which I’ll properly unveil next week).

If you’re local to Bristol or live nearby and didn’t know this store existed in the Mall like me (until today!), be sure to visit! There are SO MANY products available.

Interested in reading product reviews for these individual Kiko products? Follow my blog today and watch this space.

6 thoughts on “Kiko Haul. Lips, Eyes and Spot Coverage.

  1. I recently bought 3 kiko lipsticks and a revitalizing moisturiser for your face and i’ve been loving those products! Can’t wait to read your reviews/see your looks with it x

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