3 Step Skincare for Acne/Troubled Skin

I have suffered with troublesome skin for almost four years.

I’ve discussed the best products for make-up coverage and individual products which work well to cleanse the skin on my blog, but haven’t shared an intense cleansing routine… until now!


Taken from my Instagram account (feel free to follow!), this video shows a quick glimpse into my weekend cleansing routine.

Here are a few basic steps that you should be following…

Step 1 – Steam

By now, we all know that steaming opens the pores and freshens the face, whilst working wonders on the sinus’. Rather than reaching for the black head remover, once steaming the face beneath a towel for just 5 minutes, why not continue on to step 2?

Step 2 – Spin Brush

The spin brush does wonders for blackhead removal and cleaning pores, even when used without product. I like to use my No.7 brush after steaming, to remove any dirt from those newly opened pores.

Step 3 – Ultrabland

Using my favourite cleanser, Ultrabland by Lush, to further cleanse those open pores – I apply this product and then run a flannel across my face, in order to remove any excess dirt that I’ve missed.

And last but not least…

Step 4 – Splash Cold Water

Close those pores with a few splashes of cold water and dab the face gently with a clean towel!

Your skin will be feeling incredible in no time, but remember, this isn’t a daily routine and this type of exfoliation may anger the skin if undergone too regularly.

If I didn’t follow these stringent routines, my makeup wouldn’t apply like this!


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