Scotch Tape Winged Eyeliner Trick

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Okay so it’s a little off-topic but can we just take a moment to appreciate my freshly dyed ginger locks!

Yesterday, I used scotch tape to apply my winged eyeliner for the very first time.

I’ve become fairly good(ish) at applying free-hand eyeliner, so I won’t become reliant on this technique, but if you’re still trying to get to grips with matching the shape of the flicks upon both lids, this could be the perfect tip for you!

Applying the tape from the outer point of the eye socket and angling it towards the end of the brows (slightly lower in my case, as my brows are too short), it takes just a few strokes of your favourite eyeliner to nail this trick.

In my case, my go-to eyeliner will always be Rimmel Exaggerate.

I also like to use this technique to blend my eyeshadows, so that they match the shape of the flick, before applying the eyeliner itself.

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