Lush Product Review (Part 6) – ‘Sakura’ Bath Bomb Review

Floral scents. Spring vibes. Calming by nature.

I love, love, LOVE the Lush Sakura bath bomb and will 100% be purchasing it again.

Inspired by Japanese cherry blossom, this incredibly soothing bath bomb instantly spins into motion as soon as it hits the water.

I’m usually a huge fan of foaming bath bombs but I’m in love with the way that this product instantly turns the water in the tub into a creamy, baby pink liquid.

Almost too pretty to dunk into the bath, thanks to a colour burst in the middle and pink colouration throughout, Sakura is intended to give a ‘burst of optimism’ and I’m going to be honest, when I left the bath after using this product twice, I felt surprisingly happy and at ease.

Regardless of the fact that I always feel like this after using any product from the Lush range…

Formed of a combination of mimosa, jasmine oils, lemon oil and orange flower, this seasonal bath bomb is a must-have, I strongly advise you purchase it if you haven’t already tested it for yourself!

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