Out of the ordinary – pink eyeshadow 

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I’m not known for straying away from my favourite dark eye-makeup (of recent, anyway).

I absolutely love screenshoting my favourite MUAs’ vivid eye-shadow looks, always daring to recreate but reverting back to my smokey eye looks to be appropriate for the office.

Today, however, I created a look which combined two pink eye-shadows AND a pink blusher – not that you can tell from the attached photo. Since contour and bronzer became popular, I haven’t really turned to blusher as it isn’t particularly flattering when teamed with my porcelain complexion.

Nonetheless, I think a touch of No.7 blusher completed this extremely feminine look well.

The baby pink shadow along my lid is from my Rimmel Smokey Glam palette, while the deep pink along the crease is from my No.7 Smoky Jewels Compact.

As you can tell, both the make-up and photo were a rush-job at 6am pre-work, so please excuse how unblended my shadow looks, the hideous lighting and the huge pout on my face… cringe!

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