Mac ‘Humid Frost’ Make-up Look

Hello ladies and gents.

I hope you’ve all had (are having) a lovely Easter and I just wanted to apologise for my absence – it’s been a little hectic!

image1 (11)I finally got the chance to play with my new Mac Humid Frost eye-shadow – hooray!

Blending the autumnal green shade with a gold and brown tone from my go-to Naked palette, combined with the deep brown from my Benefit palette and black flicks, I am really impressed with the pigmentation and long-lasting capabilities of this shadow!

I think I purchased this for roughly £13; which in my eyes, is completely justifiable for such a quality product.

I’d love to hear about your favourite eye-shadows and am particularly tempted to purchase a large autumnal Morphe palette – so any advice will be much appreciated!

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8 thoughts on “Mac ‘Humid Frost’ Make-up Look

  1. Wow this eyeshadow look is amazing! I don’t know if I can pull off green, not really confident enough to try it but it looks fantastic on you 🙂
    Speaking of eyeshadows, I really want to try the Makeup Geek range! They have them on and especially their foiled shadow range they look insane!
    Great post 🙂

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