Lush Product Review (Part 4) – Ultrabland Facial Cleanser

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I’ve got problem skin, so Lush’s Ultrabland seemed like the obvious go-to cleanser for me.

The result after one day of using this product? Extremely soft, nourished and thoroughly clean skin, exactly as the packaging states.

The black pot sets users (with problem-skin), including myself, a challenge. Use nothing but Ultrabland for a month and witness the results, this cleanser will ‘bring skin back into balance’.

I originally intended to try using this cleanser with my No.7 spin-brush, but I think it requires something a little more firm to wash the waxy texture away. In the end, I decided the best routine for me would be to use a baby wipe to remove the top layer of make-up (as I wear heavy coverage on a daily basis), then to spin brush my face with water for about 30 seconds and finally, to apply this beeswax and rose cream cleanser to my face, using wet cotton pads to wipe away excess dirt.

My skin has never felt so rejuvenated and although I will be applying a moisturiser afterwards, using this does make the skin feel extremely nutrient-rich and some might argue that a moisturiser is not necessary if you don’t suffer with dry skin!

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6 thoughts on “Lush Product Review (Part 4) – Ultrabland Facial Cleanser

  1. I use this cleanser too, I used it years ago and finally recently repurchased it fairly recently, absolutely no regrets, love it!

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