Friday Feeling MOTD

Black flicks, ginger locks, red lips and a bodycon dress.

For the first time in a while, I managed to find the time to tackle eye-shadow and liner on a weekday, this morning.

I normally compromise for heavy foundation coverage, brows and a bit of contouring thanks to the pre-6am wake-up call.

I decided to abandon any attempts of styling my hair and just focus the full half hour on making my face look slightly more ‘human’ than usual today.

Blending a No.7 deep green and yellow/green shadow with a golden brown shade from my Naked palette, I then finished the eye look by applying my go-to liner (huge flicks, of course).

Teamed with one of my favourite bodycon dresses, which makes me feel really body confident and the red Apocalips matte lipstick – I was actually fairly pleased with this look!

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