Disappointment in a can – Herbal Essences Review


I purposely choose to avoid writing negative reviews.

img_2272Well, as much as I possibly can…

It’s not that I’m scared to challenge conceptions or annoy a brand, I simply want to share positive feedback about great products.

For that exact reason, it’s very ‘out of the ordinary’ for me to share my thoughts in this way, but I just wanted to deter you all from investing money in the Herbal Essences dry shampoo for coloured hair.

After my fairly new go-to dry shampoo (by Phil Smith) ran out in just two weeks, I decided to trial a different product – instantly regretting my decision.

When squirted, this dry shampoo immediately clings to the hair and imitates the appearance of an over-applied hair spray.

It actually had the reverse effect to what you might expect from a dry shampoo – making my hair look ridiculously greasy and full of product. I’m disappointed with this product and expected much more from such a recognised brand, to say the least.

One day after purchasing it, I returned to the supermarket and bought the ‘airy’ Phil Smith dry shampoo that I had originally fallen in love with – a lesser established name with the same price-tag, boasting twice the quality and results.

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