Real Techniques Powder Brush Review

Real Techniques Powder Brush

‘Like a fluffy hug to the face with every stroke.’

For a long time, I’ve been compromising by using a burnt Body Shop powder brush. I’m aware that an explanation is probably due now… so, effectively, I used the hair drier on it a while back after washing my brushes and singed the ends. OOPS.

Real Techniques Powder BrushAfter a few months of delaying the inevitable, I finally decided to hunt for a new brush and chose to stray away from my heavily Body Shop orientated brush collection.

After rummaging through the brush collections available in both high street and high-end shops, from Beales to the local Superdrug – I decided to ditch the highly rated Mac 135 large flat and 150 large powder brushes that I had originally set my sights on (retailing at roughly £35), for a much more cost effective high-street alternative – the Real Techniques Powder Brush…

…and I haven’t looked back since.

Incredibly soft to the touch, gentle on the skin and wide spread for maximum coverage, this brush is exactly what I have been looking for – priced at a really reasonable £11.

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