Top 5 Beauty Tips and Tricks


1. Lip Care

Are your lips dry? Have you been known to bite them under pressure? Use a spare or old toothbrush (preferably electric) and gently scrub at the dead skin on your lips.

2. Make-up Nightmare

Spilled make-up on the carpet? Fear not. Foundation and other liquids can stain but the magic trick is… shaving foam! Simply pump the foam onto the carpet, massage it into the carpet, wash away and wa la!

3. Hair Care

Leave hair for a minimum of 3 days between washes to keep it in a better condition and retain colour – use Phil Smith’s dry shampoo in between washes for a fluffy, clean finish.

4. Long-Lasting Scent

Does your skin struggle to retain your favourite perfume? If you’re fed up of the dulling scent, simply purchase the matching body lotion and then apply your perfume on top.

5. Dry Skin

Has your face been feeling extremely dry? If your usual moisturiser isn’t helping, apply a thin layer of double base (an eczema and dry skin soothing cream) to the face before bed and it will feel rejuvenated by the morning.

Beware, if you have oily skin or suffer with acne, this can occasionally cause breakouts.

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