B. Makeup Brush Cleanser Review

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Exclusive to Superdrug, I thought I’d put this B. product to the test and see if it compares to other brand alternatives.

‘Cheap and cheerful’ springs to mind.

With a £4.99 price-tag, this product certainly doesn’t break the bank… but does it work?

When spritzing three squirts of the spray onto a brush, the package says that you should be able to wipe away the make-up excess and bacteria with a tissue… a strange concept to me.

I think I would rather this was a foaming product or some kind of cleanser that I could wash away as opposed to a soak-in spray which you have to massage into the brush with a tissue. As I considered a tissue to be an odd choice, I chose to use a make-up wipe alongside the product.

Granted, my brushes are far cleaner but it did take a number of pumps of this spray and multiple make-up wipes for this to happen. Perhaps this is because I am guilty of neglecting  my brushes for such a long time!

I even took a gamble at using this to clean my beauty blender and it turns out, this does not work on sponge – just on bristle brushes. Most effective on fine and angled brushes – e.g. blusher and bronze brushes, this cleansing spray did, eventually, remove all of the dirt from my collection of brushes.

I’m sure, however, that there are a number of better choices – but for the price, I can’t really fault the B. (is for Beautiful) brush cleanser. I’d really like to try the Real Techniques alternative and see how it compares.

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