International Women’s Day – Building Your (Blog) Empire

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I’m a little opposed to gender segregation
…and I’m not entirely sure that we should be dedicating a day towards distinguishing gender differences
…but I am proud to be a female and above all, proud to be myself.

Currently in the process of building a little thing I like to refer to as my ‘personal empire’, I have been striving to produce creative writing both outside and inside of work hours – for myself and brands.

It’s difficult to distinguish the key factors which will help you to ‘build an empire’, especially among the blogging community – and please don’t perceive this is an egotistical post, as I am still working hard every single day to gain those extra followers (you’re all extremely valued!).

Combining industry experience, educational training and personal experience together, I have discovered a number of tips and tricks essential to marking yourself as significant in this day and age, specifically in the digital realm we like to call… blogging.

Firstly, you have to maintain confidence in yourself – this isn’t just about looks, it’s about the way you portray yourself, the attributes that are uniquely ‘you’ which other people may love and the confidence to exceed in difficult situations.

Then, you have to hone in on your talent/s, whilst understanding your readership (looking at content from their perspective, not yours) and mostly important, implementing best practices the whole time. By this blogger specific insight, I’m referring to the importance of proofreading (it’s National Proofreading Day!), SEO, engaging imagery etc.

Beyond that, I think the most important thing to consider is what difference you are making… AND if you are producing quality or quantity? I am guilty of trawling out copy in the hope of fast follower growth and not taking into account the quality of the content that I am sharing! But quality wins every single time.

For more tips and tricks like this, please follow my blog today.


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