The ‘Never or Barely Worn’ Challenge – Part 1

image2 (2)

Hello ladies (and gents), I’m setting you a little challenge.

When searching my wardrobe for inspiration earlier today, I discovered a long lost pair of shoes that I had only worn once.

What a great idea – I modestly uttered to myself…

Why not bring the fashion and beauty blogger communities together, asking each blogger to share a ‘never or barely worn’ item – be it a product, item of clothing, piece of jewellery – you name it.

I’ll kickstart the challenge with this platform-wedge pair of gorgeous heels purchased in the Topshop sale one or two years ago. A bargain, I thought, where the £30 price-tag was concerned.

image1 (4)So why have I only worn these shoes once?

Sadly, they’re hugely unpractical – to the extent that on the first (and only) night of wearing them, my toe got stuck between the front arch and outside air en-route to the club… my friends had a good giggle about it and saved me from toppling over.

Now that I’ve shared my first ‘Never or Barely Worn’ item, I’m depending on you all to share your long-lost item story.

Please tag me in your ‘Never or Barely Worn’ blog posts and comment in the space below to join the conversation!

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