Does the ‘NARS Radiant Concealer’ conceal acne and eye-bags?

Dear existing followers who read my February wish-list last month, I’ve finally purchased the NARS Radiant Concealer!

Much to my delight, the product was worth every penny of the £22 price-tag and £5 delivery charge… but why?

With deep purple eye-bags and acne, I always require a full coverage foundation and concealer.

IMG_2050Thankfully, I’ve found my perfect high-street foundation but I was still searching for an almost-white, heavy duty concealer… until now.

As I purchased this product online, I wasn’t sure which colour to select. I took a gamble with the ‘Light 1 – Chantilly shade’ (the palest of the range) and by no surprise, the colour seamlessly blended into my translucent skin.  

Above all, I’m impressed by the mattifying, ‘sink in’ and easily blendable texture, plus the high-coverage capabilities of this concealer.

So this is where I need all of your help and advice…

Is the NARS Sheer Glow OR Weightless Foundation going to provide me with a flawless amount of coverage to match my new concealer?


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