5 Products for Acne Prevention/Treatment


One thing is for sure, no product is a miracle cure for acne.

There are, however, a number of products available that can help cystic acne which isn’t the resulting effect of hormonal imbalance.

My drawers are full to the brim of various acne specific products – honestly, I think I must have accumulated about £300 worth of products in the last few years, alongside a number of prescribed items.

I’ve managed to discover a selection of products which deep cleanse my skin and give it the best chance of overcoming breakouts, so I thought I’d share 3 skin routines with you – ranging from ‘bargain’ prices to ‘high-end’ products.

1. Sudocrem – £2 RRP

A natural antiseptic that works a treat when applied to individual spots, dries out acne and reduces the length of time that scabs take to heel – this is perhaps one of my favourite go-tos among all of the expensive alternatives.

2. Body Shop Tea Tree Cleansing Toner and Lotion (old branding but roughly £15 RRP)

When applied after using a tea tree face wash, both of these products leave the skin feeling extremely refreshed. I particularly love the lotion which instantly soaks into the skin, soothes painful raised skin and doesn’t burn the skin like other chemical products. That’s the joy of using a tea tree or aloe vera based product!

3. Clinique Anti-Blemish – 2 of 3 Steps (Roughly £30 RRP)

Highly rated in the industry and rather expensive, this product is extremely intense and fast-acting. I used to follow the 3-step routine on a daily basis but eventually I found that the toner was quite harsh on my skin (it’s fairly chemical) so I have resorted to turning to the spot treatment solution alone, teamed with some of my other wash products.

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9 thoughts on “5 Products for Acne Prevention/Treatment

  1. I’ve been using the ProActiv line for years, and it’s worked really well. The only problem that I’ve found has been that it can be very dry, and sometimes my skin will peel. Overall though, keeps acne away!

    1. Thanks love! It’s so hard to find a fix, but I think when you come to terms with it – everybody knows their own skin and how best to treat it, just takes a while to figure out how! Xx

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