Girly ‘China Glaze’ Nails

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I’m not known for wearing bright colours… in fact 80% of my wardrobe is comprised of black clothing.

I’m especially not known to wear pink clothing… but I decided to grab two of my most feminine nail varnishes and create a girly look especially for you guys.

Both nail varnishes are ‘China Glaze’, the baby pink is shade 862 ‘Something Sweet’ and the deep purple is 954 – ‘Below Deck’.

Granted, the baby pink colour is a little too sickly for my liking but the purple is much deeper than it appears in the pot – a dark lilac shade that I have fallen in love with! Undoubtedly, China Glaze nail varnishes are real quality products that have designed with everyday practicality in mind – although I must admit, my nails have chipped even with multiple coats but that’s just down to me being a cluts/typing all day long.

Have a nail varnish that you’d like to recommend? Comment in the space below.

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