Goody ‘Give it a Lift’ – Teaser and Lifting Comb Review

I suffer with FHS… otherwise known as flat hair syndrome.  

Always seeking volume and instantly turning to the likes of my trusty fine toothcomb, I hadn’t considered a product like this… until very recently.

My hairdresser decided to give my hair a well-deserved uplift, as I was due to go out that evening. She started to use what I can only describe as a shoe brush… much to my confusion at first.

If you’ve seen a teaser brush (pictured above), you’ll understand what I mean. Narrow bristle brushes with thin handles have been used to backcomb hair for years and I’d just stumbled upon the ultimate backcombing teaser and comb… for just over £5.

Looking to recreate the signature Amy Winehouse up-do or simply fancy a little uplift? The goody value pack incorporates a comb, which has multiple levels for the ultimate lift, and the perfect backcombing brush – used straight against the root on multiple layers of the lower hair – doing that same backcombing motion as you would if you were using a comb, for the perfect bouncy look.

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