Beauty Product Organisation Courtesy of IKEA

For a long time, I have avoided organising anything – especially my beauty products.

With random products scattered everywhere and a jumbled makeup bag of both old and new products, it was precisely when I knew that I was changing bedrooms to a bigger room that I knew it was time to kick my arse into gear and find some way of putting all my “favourite” products in one easily accessible place.

Presenting my new beauty box from IKEA.

Although I doubt its primary purpose is for makeup storage, this 6 section organiser has multiple purposes – featuring a really cute brown and beige pattern and coming with two matching additional ‘1 section’ boxes, for a really reasonable price.

I’ve decided to divide my products into the following categories: 2 nail varnish compartments (individually bagged into colour ranges e.g. one huge bag for pink/purples, one for glitters and so on). Then, one section for my everyday essentials including (mostly) hair products, another with my everyday facial makeup basics, one with my spare products, one with my facial products and another with my eye palettes/liners/mascaras.

It’s safe to say that having everything in “its place” is saving me time as part of my beauty regime – the only downside is that now I have to take the products that I require and put them into my makeup bag/individually pack them when I go anywhere!

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