Top 5 (Extremely Simple) Vegetarian/Pescatarian Dishes


These days, there are plenty of options for vegans, vegetarians and pescatarians on the supermarket shelves.

I, myself, became a pescatarian roughly 5 months ago out of principle… and haven’t looked back since.

No, I don’t miss chicken and yes, I feel just as guilty for eating fish as I did when eating meat – but I’m slowly making the transfer to a mostly vegetable diet.

I thought I would write a post revealing my top 5 basic dishes, as when I first became a pescatarian, a lot of the meals featured on the internet seemed far too complicated and hard to make, for someone who was so used to just ‘throwing’ chicken into everything that they made.

5. Spaghetti, Dolmio Tomato & Garlic Sauce and Quorn Mince

For anyone who hasn’t tried quorn mince yet – I PROMISE that it tastes better than regular mince. No grizzle but a similar texture, perfectly blends into tomato based dishes and above all, is almost unrecognisably made entirely of vegetables. Plus, I’m fairly sure the mince is rather protein-filled!

image24. Sainsbury’s Green Vegetable Risotto Kievs, Spinach and Spring Onions

The easiest of them all, this dish is a perfect quick fix for cheese fans.

While the mozarella core adds a lovely creamy texture and taste to the vegetable and rice mixture, these low calorie kievs taste incredible teamed with a healthy salad. I specifically love tossed spinach and raw spring onions on the side.


image53. Vegetarian Paella Using Cinnamon and Vegetable Stock Sauce, Green Beans, Pepper, Garlic and Pilau Rice

Rich in flavour and easy on the purse, making vegeterian paella is really simple.

Just throw your chopped garlic into oil and fry, add the vegetables, top with cinnamon and gradually simmer the vegetable stock into the pan so that it soaks entirely into each and every grain of rice.


image42. Salmon, Asparagus and Poached Egg

Dependent on your preferences, this dish can be joined by the addition of a jacket potato….

It’s as simple as coating the salmon in a butter dressing and a seasoning of your choice, doing the same to the asparagus (I controversially like to fry it) and teaming both with a poached egg.


image31. Nachos and Garlic Doughballs

I’d love to make my own garlic doughballs but I haven’t got around to it now… so for now, I shall reference the incredible Pizza Express dough balls that I purchase far too often from my local supermarket.

Although hugely ‘carby’, this is my ‘cheat’ dish and on naughty days, I like to team said dough balls with a side of nachos – coated in salso, guacomile, sour cream and PLENTY of cheese.


Want recipes for any of the above meals or have an opinion to share? Please comment in the space below.

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