Nike Sale Trainers For My Next Adventure

Nike Trainers

most of you will probably have guessed that I’m not really a ‘trainer’ fanatic.

Nike TrainersI like vans, heels and boots…

But the last time I purchased a proper pair of trainers, I was roughly 13 and fond of ‘all things pink’… I have the pink and purple, glittery American ‘Pastries’ to prove it.

With plans to visit Cornwall later in the week for long coastal walks and adventures with my boyfriend, and no practical shoes to wear, I decided it was time to stop delaying the inevitable and finally purchase a pair of trainers.

Nike TrainersI should probably have bought a pair of walking boots but vanity took over.

Spotting these black, textured fabric Nike trainers with luminscent peachy detailing on the shelf of my local sports store, alongside a reduced pricetag from £45 to £32, I knew that they were going to be the best suited match for what I needed.

I might even face a jog wearing them… one day.

I’d love to hear all about your sale finds, so please comment in the space below.


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