Get The Look: Timeless Dark Clothing and Radiant Make-up

image2 (2)

Pin stripes and over the knee statements, LUMINESCENT highlight, draping and CINCHED in detailing.

Considering the fact that these are fairly old photographs, it’s a surprise that I still consider this to be one of my go-to looks.

Perhaps my ‘selfie pout’ has decreased since, my flicks are dramatically stronger and hair more ginger than blonde – but besides that, this make-up look and outfit (when combined) are still a strong favourite of mine.

So where did I get the clothing from and what make-up products did I use?


Besides my usual make-up base of foundation, concealer etc. etc., one of the products that really makes this look is the fusion of shadows from the Benefit ‘Sweet and Seductive Eye Kit’. Using ‘Gilt-y Pleasure’ beneath the waterline and ‘Thanks A Latte’ along the crease for those warming, deep shades, I then used the ‘Call Me Buff’ shade to create a bright highlight to the inner corner of the eye.

For that illuminating highlight along the nose and above the cheek bones, I used a surprising product. This image was taken in the period before highlighters were extremely accessible – perhaps even before they became popular. Spotting the ‘Stay Perfect Eyeshadow in Highlight Opal’ in my classic No7 Total Colour Compact, I instantly knew it would have more than one use. Although I’ve since discovered my everyday highlighter (Urban Decay Naked), this is a great illuminator – extremely white and shimmery but subtle, a perfect facial highlighter. Whilst it works equally well as a highlight beneath the brow line.


At the time I felt it was slightly excessive to spend £30 on a floppy oversized hat – which it probably was. However, from the moment I spotted this draping felt hat on the Topshop shelf and tried it on, I knew it was the one (regardless of the price tag).

Team with that, this pin-striped Dorothy Perkins dress – an elegant garment which can be synched in using the tie/bow at the back for a body-con finish or tied at the front to boast a looser, relaxed appearance.

Leading nicely on to my favourite of them all – these over the knee Topshop suede boots, retailing at roughly £70 but worth every penny. Easily styled down with jeans or up with a dress and pair of sheer tights.

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9 thoughts on “Get The Look: Timeless Dark Clothing and Radiant Make-up

    1. Thanks chick! These boots are absolutely incredible. Not sure if they stock them anymore but I know there is an online shop that does loads of boots like this real cheap! I’ll let you know if I can remember the name xx

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