Top 4 Hand Moisturisers

I’m ageing.

Granted, very slowly and I am still a mere 22


However, there is never a bad time to start moisturising hands on a daily basis to avoid (reduce the impact of) unsightly wrinkles. Meaning that hand creams need to start making more of an appearance in my daily beauty regime.

I certainly already have a ‘top 4’ selection – ranging from high-end to high street products, flowery to fruity scents, not forgetting the richer smell that appeals to me so much.

So without further adue, here are my top 4 hand and body moisturisers (in no particular order)…

ck one shock (for her) body lotion

ck one shock

Acquiring this beautiful, extremely feminine Calvin Klein moisturiser a while ago, I would spritz the ck one perfume to match, opting for that ‘all over’ scent.

Although I have since moved away from this product, I am still very in live with this long-lasting lotion.

Long lasting in more than one way, that is – with months of liquid in the bottle and hours upon hours worth of ‘skin-enriching’ scent.

The Body Shop Coconut Hand Cream

image2 The name says it all.

Along with a selection of other silky, vibrant smelling creams available across the range – Body Shop seem to have pinned the nail on the head with this product.

And as an added bonus, the squeezy tube is very convenient for keeping in your handbag!


Ed Hardy Hearts and Daggers Lotion

image3Besides a bottle that would have enticed my 15 year old ’emo’ self…

…this cream has a really subtle, deep scent; perfect for those who desire something distinctively richer than your average female lotion.

And finally…


Versace Bright Crystal Body Lotion


Bought as part of a gift set with my current perfume, this is perhaps my favourite of all due its strong floral, fast drying nature.

Whilst it allows my perfume to set and sink into the skin for longer, it is also just as strong on it’s own without a drop of perfume on top. In fact, if you’re looking for an affordable way to smell nice at all times without over indulging on copious bottles of expensive perfume, I’d strongly advise this product.

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