5 Things I’ve Learned From Watching James Corden’s Carpool Karaoke Videos

Lived in a bubble for the past few months?

Then you might not have seen James Corden’s Carpool karaoke… so it’s officially time to open those eyes and tune in.

1. How incredible does James look in A WEDDING DRESS?!

James Corden wedding dress

2. James is actually an incredible singer – even RIVALING JENNIFER HUDSON’S EXTREME HIGH NOTES and ridiculous range.

Jennifer Hudson and James Corden Carpool

3. His dancing is equally as impressive, if not better, than JASON DERULO’S MOVES… see for yourself.

Jason Derulo and James Corden

4. Getting STEVIE WONDER to sing a very classic love song to his wife – definitely a highlight which gained him browny points.

stevie wonder and james corden

5. And on a side note, ADELE can quite possibly ‘spit’ Minaj raps better than the lady in question herself.

adele and james corden

Basically, James is an absolute legend – who just so happens to meet some of the coolest people in the showbiz industry.

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