3 Simple Apps To Bulk Delete Tweets

Were you a mass conversational tweeter in 2013?


If the answer is yes, don’t worry. so was I.

On the quest to strengthen my social media presence and add a sense of professionalism to all of my online platforms, I decided it was the perfect time to go back and delete a large amount of my 16K tweets – reducing the tweets by half ideally (if there were 8,000  worth deleting).

Searching for a practical solution to mass deleting old tweets that didn’t involve deleting EVERY tweet, I put Google to the test and found the following three apps (among many others).

Do these apps work? Not consistently. Is there a perfect solution? Probably not without a fee. Is it worth spending an hour or so trialing? Definitely.

TweetEraserA very slow deletion process, which involves individually ticking each tweet. The application only fetched 500/14,000 tweets.

TweetDeleter: Absolute nonsense. Those hoping for a free app should not waste their time ticking down this list to delete, as there is a 3 tweet per day limit. The app also refrains from letting you select photos, choose a period to browse… or to do much at all, for a matter of fact. Perhaps the paid version is more helpful – but I’m certainly not willing to invest by first impressions.

Cardigan: Perhaps the best of the bunch, Cardigan allows you to easily select a number of tweets that you would like to delete. It also allows you to order my date, bringing oldest tweets to your immediate attention and mass collects your deleted tweets so that by the end, you know the total amount that have been deleted.

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