My £12 Charity Shop Haul

Reiss, River Island and Ness Charity Shop Clothes

It’s difficult to get 5 pairs of tacky Primark pants for £12 these days…

so you’ll understand my obsession with finding quality clothing in charity shops, for extraordinary prices.

Picture a rainy Saturday afternoon (not hard to imagine if you live in the UK). After instigating a shopping trip and having little success at a vintage warehouse, I decide it was time to drag my boyfriend around the charity shops and to my delight, I found three fantastic items.

Ness Earmuffs1. Brand New Ness Earmuffs

After hunting for the perfect pair of fluffy earmuffs for the wintery weather for a long time, you can understand my delight when stumbling upon a pair of Ness tartan earmuffs with a fluffy faux lining, retailing at £12.99, yet purchased from a charity shop in Poole for just £3.99 on this occasion.

My ears are feeling the benefits already…


Reiss Jumper2. Reiss Deep Green Jumper

We’re all aware that Reiss garments can often cost an arm and a leg, with the knitwear range alone costing anywhere from £100 upwards, when sales aren’t in place. For this reason, I grabbed this deep green jumper from the shelf and immediately bought it for a mere £4.50 – and it was a small, so the perfect fit. Result!

3. River Island Floaty Floral Long Shirt

River Island topPerfect for daytime work-wear, perfect for nighttime casual – this top set me back just £4. With a bright colour palette to stand out from a mile away and a really crisp ‘new look and feel’, this size 6 top was a must-have from the moment I spotted it.

All in all, this was a great charity haul but obviously not every charity shopping trip ends with so many quality items.

If you’d like to hear more about my charity shop and sale shopping experiences/bargains…

…please follow my blog or send a request in the comments section below.


4 thoughts on “My £12 Charity Shop Haul

  1. That Reiss jumper was a bargain, pity I’m never that disciplined about charity shopping, my best find was probably Ferragamos that was still £25, still not bad for a £400 pair of shoes. Otherwise I just don’t have your patience/luck/eye.

  2. I’m so shocked that I found it! I love a good bargain and as a rule don’t generally exceed £10 in a charity shop but your purchase is a completely new level of bargain! Congratulations on that and it’s all about rummaging for the perfect find! Good luck with your future charity shopping experiences!

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