Talent vs. Hard Work


Some people believe that the two go hand in hand, but this a slight misconception.

Granted, there is a capacity to have a natural talent for a topic and to also sustain the drive to make that topic your life focus, but more often than not you’ll find that you are either one or the other.

Either naturally talented and a little lazy, or hard working but not as naturally creative.

In life, it often seems that talented people have a given advantage but in recent times, I have noticed that it’s the hard working people who strive to be better and naturally capacitate talents that they hadn’t anticipated gaining.

Which is why I would much rather identify myself as hard working, if I had to choose between the two… besides gentle modesty and not having to define my talents – others can do that for me if necessary.

Nonetheless, talent is a natural gift and one which many people seek after.

So with all of the above in mind – which are you? Talented or hard working.


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