Pros and Cons: ‘Shower Sitting’


Perhaps this is an alien concept to other people but ‘shower sitting’ may possibly be one of the most soothing, therapeutic, end of day activities to exist.

Why not just have a bath? I hear you say. Firstly, baths can be way too hot – whereas the shower temperature can be altered to suit throughout. Most importantly, because there are so many benefits to sitting in the shower…

Pro: Taking 5 minutes to unwind at the bottom of the shower as the stream of water quite literally ‘washes away the daily stress’, although very metaphorical, is very relaxing and works a treat.

Con: Legs get cold. Very cold.

Pro: Great thoughts often stem from shower time, so grab your mental notes and when you leave the shower fresh for bed, you can jot down all of your ideas before they’re forgotten.

Con: It’s not quite as fun as sliding up and back in a full tub and creating a human tidal wave.

Pro: Some of us are just simply lazy and after a long day, don’t want to stand – so why not take a seat and relax.

Con: Don’t look up. Doing so will cause a ‘flooded face’ situation to which you may choke on water and get make-up residue in your eyes. Not fun.

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