Top 5 Beauty Products for your Average-Joe Acne Sufferer

Top 5 Make Up products

Adult acne has been a personal struggle for me for the past 4 years. Although my skin has now stabilised a little with age, I suffer rapid break outs for 1-2 week periods every month. Based upon my hormones solely, after years of trialling every ‘acne preventing and removing’ product on the market, I have now come to terms with my skin and how to cover these break outs as best as possible. Now, I’d like to share a few tips with those teenagers and adult sufferers who believe that their acne is uncoverable.

  1. Mac PowderMac Studio Fix Powder Plus Foundation – £22 RRP

At first, I was nervous to leave a £20+ sized dent in my pocket, merely for a powder – beauty experts with perfect skin seem to hate powder, loving a dewier look which acne sufferers often can’t achieve – but it was worth a try. Reflecting upon the change that this product has made to my confidence, I can guarantee that this is a MUST HAVE for acne sufferers.

If you have red, aggressive looking acne, this combined product can completely cover unwanted colouration – the one downside is that it will potentially highlight the bumpiness, if applied heavily. Personally, I like to apply it over my concealer and foundation with a fine brush to individual spots, covering the whole skin afterwards for the heavy coverage that I desire. The best thing about this product is that it is a combination of powder and foundation, so it really covers all grounds if you’re having a lazy day and would just like to cover the redness – simply pop this on with no foundation base.

  1. Real Techniques Beauty Blender – £5.99 RRP

Real Techniques beauty blender

No more melting make-up. No more flaky face.

I like to apply my concealer and dab it into my skin with my beauty blender, then apply foundation with my Real Techniques foundation brush – dabbing to set again with my Real Techniques blender and the addition of a fairly new product to me – which I am about to introduce…


    1. Make Up For Ever Mist and Fix Spray – £19 RRP (per 125ml)

Make Up Forever Fixing SprayOh my goodness – I love this product. I’ve always doubted the power of fixing sprays on acne skin as it gives the dewy look and looks as if it will wipe product away.

Now using the spray on a daily basis, I coat my blender in the product after applying my foundation to set and then complete the look at the end with one or two pumps of the spray – dependant on how much I think my face is likely to shift throughout the day. I know that this product is out of stock everywhere at the moment but hold tight, I’m sure it will be back by popular demand!

  1. Revlon Colorstay Foundation for Combination/Oily Skin – £12.99 RRP

revlon foundationIf you were planning to try the Mac Studio Fix foundation but you can’t quite justify the spend, this alternative is another must-have.

I have tried a number of foundations (in fact, most on the high-end and high street market) for coverage, including the Mac one and I am quite happy to admit that I would choose the Revlon foundation above Mac every single time. Fantastic for full coverage, great for lighter skin tones and retailing at a really reasonable price – this is, in my opinion, one of the best foundations on the market for these requiring heavy coverage.

  1. Urban Decay Naked Illuminated Shimmering Powder for Face and Body (Aura) – £22.50 RRP

Naked IlluminatorLike the fixing spray, I am aware that this product is out of stock everywhere – but if the Naked eye palettes are anything to go by, it will be back soon enough.

Deflecting attention from raised skin, I like to apply ‘Aura’ on the tip of my nose and above my cheek bones as a highlighter – on the eyebrow bones as well if I really want people to be able to spot me from space! The radiance, shimmer and peachy tone to this product make it the PERFECT highlighter – it’s certainly become a staple to my daily make-up routine.

No.7 BrushAnd one for luck… it’s the No.7 Skin Cleansing Spin Brush – RRP £15

I’d heard a great deal about spin brushes, but most acne sufferers will understand my concerns when I thought that this product would just irritate my skin and raise any acne that hadn’t flared yet. I compared the brushes I’d seen to an exfoliating product and thought it would have the same effect on my skin – but I was wrong. From the first time I used this brush, I fell in love. Using the product at least once a day to remove any dryness and bacteria from the surface layer of my skin, I can safely say that this product has changed the way that my skin feels and most importantly, the way that make up appears on my skin after one use and an application of moisturiser. For best effects, make sure to use a gel or foaming cleanser with this product.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on this post – so please comment below and subscribe to my blog. If you liked more make-up advice, or any other advice, please send me a message or comment with your requests.

9 thoughts on “Top 5 Beauty Products for your Average-Joe Acne Sufferer

    1. Thankyou for your kind words! The No.7 brush is one of the most affordable ones on the market and really does the job but you’ll find that there are hundreds out there. Great for exfoliating without the course abrasion on the skin though!

    1. It’s fabulous! Not too dewy so just merges into the skin – I think there is a lot of stigma about sprays that they are likely to slide but this just melts into liquid foundation! It’s a dream but you might have to do some hunting to find it until they re-release! Good luck x

  1. Great post, will have to look more in to some of the products for myself, I too love the beauty blender, I use it every day and don’t know what I’d do without it!
    I’ve recently started up my own blog and would really appreciate a follow back if possible! Thanks 🙂 x

  2. Wow excellent products! In terms of acne problems, I used to have bad skin too. I found that a healthy lifestyle helped clear my skin really well! You might be interested in following my blog – I write about healthy eating (including recipes) and lifestyle (including a recent blog about healthy skincare using sls and paraben free natural products).

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