Popular Culture Vs. The Week In News

Source: http://goo.gl/pI3UyFl

The Kardashians are clogging up our social media feeds at every opportunity. Footballers are bursting into the headline limelight on a daily basis for their scandalous decisions (no publicity is bad publicity, right?) . An X Factor judge has made a bad decision by leaving the gimmicky act in and sending a great singer home – shock horror.

It’s easy to get caught-up in the routine of checking social media for popular culture updates – we are all guilty of that much. Browsing through our favourite gossip sites, Instagram, Twitter… you name it, we have stalked a celebrity across every platform – whether we love them or claim to despise them.

While the pop-culture fanatics among us were checking for the latest topless Miley Cyrus photograph this week – this was taking place elsewhere in the world:

  1. On Monday, ten whales became stranded on a beach in France – 6 of which died, firefighters and animal rescuers were only able to revive 4 (including 2 calves).
  2. Hundreds upon hundreds of remembrance crosses were placed outside Westminster Abbey to tribute the occasion, while we all commemorated Remembrance Sunday today.
  3. The Egyptian aeroplane crash has made a huge impact across the world – with 11,000 Russian tourists finally arriving home from Egypt safely today.
  4. Apparently, living alone is really bad for your diet – in the New York Magazine’s opinion anyway.
  5. A large number of junior doctors are considering striking besides new contracted suggestion – with concerns majorly leaning towards overworking (long hours) with minimal benefits.

Like what you see? If you think I should post weekly, light-hearted news updates – please comment below.


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