Band of the week (and decade) – Alexisonfire


Since announcing the incredible news that they have no intention of splitting up for good, classic Alexisonfire tracks have been stuck in our heads from 8 in the morning until 10 at night.

With popular choices like ‘Born and Raised’, ‘Boiled Frogs’ and ‘This Could Be Anywhere in the World’ ringing in our ears, our iPhones and iPods are packed with a number of the post-hardcore Canadian bands tracks, and within good reason.

After a faultless performance at Reading 2015 (the ripping of lead vocalist George’s t-shirt putting a huge grin on a number of the – mostly female – audience member’s faces), the band are set to take the world by storm but when can we expect a new album?

Exclusively revealing the news with fans via their Facebook page, it seems that the band’s return might not mean exactly what you first presume. With no plan for a new album – or any new songs – set in stone, it seems that the band are playing things by ear.

“The truth is, nothing has really changed. We all have our own careers and families which require our attention and as far as Alexisonfire is concerned, there are no immediate plans.” – Alexisonfire, 2015

Essentially the friendship has reignited a shared passion for past musical ventures. Perhaps, if we’re lucky, we can expect to see a few live performances ‘here and there’, once more.